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About Curvy Kate

Who We Are

We live the boob life. We make D to K cup lingerie and swimwear that curvy girls love to wear. Simply put, Curvy Kate will make you happy. Fit, lift, shape and comfort – we work our socks off to give you everything your gorgeous figure needs.

Who is Curvy Kate?

We often get asked ‘Who is Kate?’ Is she the bosses x-girlfriend, a famous celebrity we were inspired by or someone at the office.

Well Curvy Kate is every one of us – she’s the girl next door, your sassy mate, your body-loving mum and your confident work colleague. Curvy Kate isn’t made for just one person, it’s a curve celebrating, self-worshipping state of mind and it’s in every one of us curvy ladies. Whoever you are – go get your curve on!

Girls of all shapes, sizes and curves test our bras, and only the snuggest, perkiest, most comfortable designs make it into our collection. Our bras start from 28 back sizes, right up to plus sizes, including 40 to 44 backs and a range of D to K cups.